Our team of professionals is dedicated to providing the best industrial automation solutions for our clients through our focus on technology, constant training, and internal standardization practices. Our focus on world-class technology keeps our team equipped with detailed, deep skill sets rather than broad, shallow ones. We also pride ourselves on constant growth and development, and as a result, each of our employees receive a minimum of 40 hours of formal training per year. Additionally, we maintain internal code libraries and design standards to ensure quality and consistency in the products we deliver.

And of course, there’s always coffee to keep us going. When you’re on a role, who has time to stop for sleep? Not that we don’t take a break now and then, but we really are dedicated to going above and beyond when working with your team to deliver a world-class solution that fits your production schedule and minimally impacts your operations.

*For those of you under 40, coffee is an organic beverage that old people consume to keep awake. It keeps you awake without turning you into a monster or a rock star.


This encompasses all traditional services provided by control system integrators wrapped up in a turnkey project. This is our core business of providing machine and process automation on the plant floor. Our team’s skill set includes system level design (network design, sequence of operations, P&IDs, etc.), control panel design, PLC/HMI/SCADA programming, control panel building, and commissioning services.

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All good things come to an end. Sooner or later a system upgrade becomes a necessity, usually due to hardware or software obsolescence. Upgrades can and should have an ROI though, and they don’t have to just be thought of as a necessary evil. Today’s technology is amazingly advanced compared to the 1990s or even the 2000s. A new system using modern hardware and software will be more secure, will seamlessly connect to your business systems, and can even provide increased productivity and employee engagement through the use of mobile technology.

Vertech is experienced in transforming obsolete control systems into modern technology platforms with wide open opportunity for system improvements. Don’t get caught waiting too long! Some parts are often unavailable for out of date industrial control systems, and the excessive downtime created if and when the system goes down can be fiscally disastrous. We know that clipboard has served you well, but wait till you try an iPad!

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Our knowledgeable and friendly team provides field service, support, and troubleshooting services 24 hours a day year round. We understand that the integrity of your systems and keeping them operational are your number one priority. Our service teams are personally invested in our clients, and whether it’s the middle of the night or 2 hours before Super Bowl, we’ll be there.

Our field service capabilities include troubleshooting systems whether the problem lies with the PLC program, system wiring, instrumentation, VFDs, or any other control system component. Once we have identified the problem, we’ll do our best to either fix it on the spot, or assist you in getting the right parts and personnel there to perform the repair.

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Vertech boasts a full service, 8,000 square foot panel shop which offers unmatched quality (seriously – you should come look) and competitive pricing. We can fabricate a wide range of panels to meet the needs of your system. This includes all sizes, from J-boxes to large multi-door MCP panels.

Our shop maintains the following certifications from UL:

  • UL 508a – industrial control panels
  • UL 698a – intrinsically safe control panels for installation in hazardous areas
  • UL 1203 – explosion proof panels for installation in hazardous areas

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Industrial network design requires a detailed understanding of the many options available and the project specific requirements such as bandwidth, data integrity, delivery speed, and security. As industrial networks have steadily migrated towards standardization on Ethernet, IT level knowledge of network components and configuration is an absolute requirement in today’s world.

Vertech’s network engineers are trained in complex network design and deployment including the unique challenges of network security in the very high availability environment of industrial controls. Our network team has been trained by ICS-CERT, and we stay up to date with the latest methods and technologies for securing industrial control systems.

For the old school guys out there, we also remember the good old days, and we can work with Modbus, ControlNet, Profibus, DH+, etc. But really, convert to Ethernet already.

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Radio telemetry is still commonly used for remote sites that are not accessible to hard-wired networks. Vertech’s telemetry experts assess bandwidth requirements and perform radio path studies to determine the feasibility of radio communications for your system. Vertech provides systems using licensed band or spread spectrum radios (900hz, 2.4gh, and 5.8gh). Alternatively we can provide cellular connectivity to remote sites as well where feasible.

When turn-key radio systems are required, we partner with local businesses to design and install antenna poles and towers.


The first step in good business decision making is having the right information at hand. A manufacturing information system provides relevant and timely information for decision making from plant operators to production managers to executive level decision makers. Good-bye clip-boards, Excel spreadsheets with month-old information, and copying data from multiple different business systems; hello browser-based dashboard with real-time, relevant information all in one place.

Vertech’s unique combination of industrial control system experience and SQL database/web programming skills allow us to integrate your business systems with your plant floor as well as create browser-based information dashboards with user-relevant data.

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Optimizing production on the plant floor involves getting the most out of your equipment and your team. Management, maintenance, scheduling, supply chain, and many other disciplines all need to work together. Shortcomings are measured in dollars, and can provide enormous opportunity for adding to the bottom line.

Vertech designs and implements systems that enable your production management team to truly understand the effectiveness of production equipment (OEE), and make informed decisions to improve production efficiency. Our software systems optionally provide downtime tracking, manufacturing scheduling, work order management, product code management, recipe management, and product genealogy.

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